Newlane Degree Programs

Newlane University currently offers two degree programs: An Associate of Arts in General Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. View Course and Program catalog here.

Program Requirements:

In order to graduate, students must complete the 4 basic program requirements, which are:

  1. Successfully complete all required coursework.
  2. Successfully complete the Intent to Graduate form.
  3. Successfully complete a degree hearing.
  4. Satisfy the $1500 payment requirement.

Note on general education requirement for Bachelor’s degree: The Bachelor of Arts degree requires a core of general education courses. The Associate of Arts in General Studies fulfills this general education requirement for the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, or any other Bachelor’s degree we may offer in the future. 

If you already have an Associate degree, you may be able to apply that toward our Bachelor’s degree. If you haven’t completed any college, you can earn your Associate degree and Bachelor’s degree in philosophy through Newlane. If you haven’t completed any college, and you are interested in a Bachelor’s degree besides philosophy, you can start working on your Associate degree, and then enroll in a different Bachelor’s degree once they are available, or transfer to a different school to complete your major, and you’ll save a lot of money.

Newlane Degree programs are rigorous academic programs, requiring students to master college-level conventions in writing, critical thinking, research, and documentation. Newlane programs are competency-based. This means that students pass courses only as they demonstrate mastery of the course goals and objectives, not just for spending time in the course. Accordingly, each course has a “course hearing” where a student meets in a live video conference with an expert. During these course hearings, the expert asks open-ended questions and spot checks to verify and approve that the student has mastered all the course goals and objectives, or not yet. Students should expect to spend two years in full time study to complete the Associate of Arts degree, and an additional two years in full time study to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree.