Tuition and Fees: An Affordable College Degree

DegreeCost Books and suppliesTotal Cost
BA Major$1500$0-$100$1600
AA + BA Major$3000$0-$200$3200

$1500 total for a college degree. We want to help you earn your degree, and we don’t want the cost to be prohibitive, or to require burdensome student loans. We have worked hard to make sure that earning a college degree doesn’t break the bank for our students. Newlane charges a $1500 tuition per degree regardless of the time it takes, or the number of transfer credits a student brings. Students make an initial payment of $249 that includes a $200 registration fee, and a $49 tuition installment for a total of $249, and then pay $39 a month until they reach $1500 total per degree (including the $200 registration fee). Once you’ve paid $1500, you won’t be charged anything else, but you will still have access to the platform until you graduate. Tuition costs do not include books or materials. Most courses don’t require additional books or materials, but some may.

A payment plan with no interest: Students enroll in Newlane University by completing a profile, and making a payment. Students pay a monthly installment of $39 (with an initial $249 first tuition payment). There is no interest charged on the payment plan. This cost does not include books or supplies, which may cost an additional $100. This cost is for each degree earned through Newlane; $1500 for the associate’s degree, and $1500 for the bachelor’s degree. In order to enroll in Newlane University’s Bachelor degree program, a student must first complete the Associate of Arts degree, or transfer the equivalent number of credits. If you come to Newlane with no prior college credits, the total tuition cost for an associate and bachelor’s degree is $3000.

When you register with Newlane, you agree to pay all monthly charges until you have paid $1500. If you pay the regular initial installment of $249, then the regular $39/month subscription fee, it will take around 3 years to reach $1500. 

A degree with no hidden fees: After you pay the $249 first tuition payment, you only pay $39 month until you reach $1500 for your degree. Though there may be additional costs for books and supplies estimated at $100 – $200 per degree, there are no additional administrative or other hidden fees.

A self-paced degree: Because completing courses and degrees at Newlane uses a competency-based approach, and due to platform efficiencies, mastery that students bring to the table, and possibilities for self-paced learning, students may be able to complete all coursework for a degree in faster time frames than is typical in conventional colleges and universities.