Student Resources

At Newlane University, we are committed to supporting students from registration to graduation and beyond. In addition to the course objectives, instructional resources and assessment tools that provide the basic structure for completing their coursework, students at Newlane University have access to a range of support resources, including an online library of e-textbooks and academic journals, a library of university and platform orientation videos, a student handbook, regular support check ins, annual counselor meetings, and career service resources and more. Visit our student Academic and Support resources to learn more.

Newlane University is an online learning platform and university designed around mastering learning objectives, and verifying your mastery. Newlane is mission-driven to make quality higher education available and accessible to the world by bringing down the cost, and offering considerable flexibility in terms of geography and scheduling. 

Newlane is designed to take the bloat out of college by making it clear what students need to master, and providing straightforward resources for students to learn and demonstrate their mastery on their own schedule. We want all students enrolled at Newlane to be successful in earning their degrees according to their desired schedule. We offer support by providing students with a calendar schedule for completing coursework, by meeting in live video chats for counseling or course hearing sessions, and by checking in regularly with students, and making it easy for students to reach a counselor, expert, or administrator.

All students enrolled at Newlane have access to the following basic support services:

  • Access to degree and course aims, goals and objectives
  • Instructional resources to develop mastery of course goals and objectives
  • A timeline, schedule, and course sequence for completing their degree(s)
  • Assessment measures for each course, including self-assessment, a computer-scored course exam, and a live course hearing with an expert
  • Access to Discussion Forums for each objective, lesson, course, and degree
  • Email access to Student support, experts, and University administration
  • Access to schedule a meeting with a counselor 
  • Access to Alumni and Career Services

For a brief review of the Newlane learning and mastery-verification platform (aka: ‘Teachur’, that is, ‘Teachur’ is the name of the platform used by Newlane University) and how to succeed, please see our videos: Teachur Basic Orientation, Teachur Platform Walkthrough, and How to Succeed on Teachur.

Students can also bring up issues through discussion forums associated with each objective, lesson, course, or degree. These forums are provided for each learning module (i.e., objective, lesson, course, or degree) to help address topics specific to the module.