Learning Principles and Outcomes

Newlane University Learning Principles: 

On the surface, Newlane may look like a simple online university, like many others. And in terms of providing learning resources and assessments to pass courses and complete degrees, it does function like a simple online university. But there’s a lot under the hood of Newlane University that may not be immediately obvious. See this blog post to learn more about the learning principles that drive Newlane.

Newlane University Outcomes:

Newlane is a new and exciting university that takes a competency-based education approach. This means that passing a course, or earning a degree is strictly tied to mastering the degree or course aims, goals, and objectives (or intended learning outcomes), not to how much time a student spends in the course or program. We track the following outcomes for students: Program-specific outcomes; Student satisfaction; and Graduate Success.