Technology Requirements

Students will need access to a Windows or Mac based computer as well as a microphone, camera (these may be part of the computer, or separate devices plugged into the computer) and internet fast enough to handle streaming video for 30+ minutes. Learning can be done online or offline. Newlane recommends that students and experts use the Chrome browser to access coursework and for course hearings. Tests and counseling sessions will be conducted through video chat on the Newlane site. No third-party software is needed. It is safest to consider the learning platform on Newlane in beta for mobile devices. While tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices may allow for some completion of coursework, they are not guaranteed to work in all areas.

Required and Recommended Technology Details
*ComputerRecommended OS
Mac10.0 or later
Windows10.0 or later
For other OS, including Linux, and mobile OS, please contact contact@newlaneuniversity.com to verify that you will be able to access and progress on Newlane with your selected OS.
*All computers must have a video camera and microphone (external or integrated to the computer) to be able to participate in streaming video chats.
InternetRecommended speed
Hi-speed; 10mbps or higher
Preferred BrowserChrome Version 75 or later
ProcessorRecommended speed
1.3 GHz or faster