Newlane Global Scholarship Policy and Procedures

The Time
is NOW.

In line with the mission of Newlane University to make quality liberal arts higher education accessible by breaking down barriers, including the barrier of cost, Newlane offers scholarships to students as determined by the Newlane Scholarship Committee. Newlane scholarships are in the form of canceling tuition charges. Newlane does not reimburse tuition funds that a student has paid prior to applying for a scholarship, nor does it distribute funds to scholarship recipients, but only ceases some or all tuition charges. 

Scholarship recipients are determined by the Newlane scholarship committee. In making its selections, the committee considers the students financial need and academic promise. 

Newlane University currently offers four scholarships: 

  1. Financial Need: Partial
  2. Financial Need: Full
  3. Academic Promise: Partial
  4. Academic Promise: Full

While applicants can apply to more than one scholarship, any recipient may only receive one scholarship.

WHEN: The Newlane Scholarship committee meets at least twice a year, in July and December to review scholarship applications, and to determine scholarship recipients.

HOW SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS ARE DETERMINED: In conducting the review, the Scholarship committee reviews the applicants’ financial need and/or academic promise. Determinations for Financial Need or Academic Promise scholarship rewards are made strictly on the basis of an applicant’s financial need, or academic promise, respectively, as determined by the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee is not obligated to reward any applicant a scholarship, regardless of the number of scholarship applicants or the amount of scholarship funds available.

Program Costs:

The cost for each Newlane program is $1500. The maximum scholarship reward is $1500 in tuition costs. A full scholarship (either for Financial Need or Academic Promise) is $1500. A partial scholarship (for either Financial Need or Academic Promise) is $750. The Scholarship committee also has discretion for awarding one or more partial scholarship for an amount above or below $750. As a reminder, Newlane always only cancels tuition charges. Newlane does not reimburse tuition payments that a student has made, nor does it distribute funds to scholarship recipients.

Procedures: In order to apply for a scholarship, students must complete the scholarship application form.