Demystifying Competency-Based Education: How Newlane University’s Innovative Approach Accelerates Degree Completion

The Time
is NOW.

Pursuing higher education in the traditional sense often requires a significant financial and time investment, which can be challenging for students with busy lives and tight budgets. We recognize the needs of today’s students and are committed to offering innovative, affordable, and flexible online degree programs. Through competency-based education (CBE), we provide a unique and efficient route to earning a degree that emphasizes practical knowledge and skills while focusing on the needs of adult learners.

In this blog post, we will examine the concept of competency-based education and how it sets us apart from other higher education institutions. With our programs centered on CBE, students can demonstrate their mastery of course material and even test out of courses to expedite their degree completion. This model gives students an invaluable opportunity to earn their Associate of Arts in General Studies or their Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at an accelerated pace without sacrificing the quality of their education.

CBE is rapidly gaining popularity and recognition due to its numerous advantages, including accommodating diverse learning styles, promoting lifelong learning, and aligning the curriculum with real-world outcomes. Our goal is to demystify the competency-based education approach and showcase how it fosters efficiency, flexibility, and affordability in earning a US-accredited liberal arts degree at Newlane University.

Join us on this journey to understand how competency-based education has the potential to revolutionize higher learning and make earning a degree more accessible and achievable for adult learners. Embark on a path to academic excellence and empower yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the modern world with our innovative and accessible online degree programs.

1. Understanding the Competency-Based Education Model

Competency-based education (CBE) is an innovative approach to learning that focuses on mastery and application of skills and knowledge rather than relying on traditional time-based frameworks. Key characteristics of CBE include:

– Emphasis on skills and knowledge: Students demonstrate mastery of specific competencies and apply that knowledge in practical, real-life scenarios.

– Self-paced learning: Students progress at their own pace, allowing for flexibility and accommodation of individual learning styles.

– Assessment-driven: Learning outcomes are centered around assessments that measure students’ proficiency in specific competencies.

2. Benefits of Competency-Based Education at Newlane University

Our commitment to offering affordable, flexible, and high-quality online degree programs is exemplified through our CBE model. The benefits of CBE include:

– Accelerated degree completion: Test out of courses and progress faster through your degree program, saving time and money in the process.

– Affordability: Monthly payments of $39 eliminate the need for lump-sum payments, making our programs accessible to a wider range of students.

– Comprehensive credit transfer policy: We welcome students who have completed some college courses and work diligently to transfer all eligible credits, helping you reach degree completion even faster.

– Balancing work, life, and education: Our flexible coursework enables students to fit their academic pursuits into their busy lives.

3. The Role of CBE in Liberal Arts Online Degree Programs

With a focus on liberal arts, our online degree programs stand out from the majority of online educational offerings. The competency-based model complements a liberal arts education by providing:

– Skill development: Liberal arts degrees equip students with a well-rounded education that emphasizes critical thinking, communication, and creativity. CBE ensures these skills are honed to mastery.

– Real-world application: CBE enables students to apply their liberal arts knowledge in practical and professional contexts, enhancing employability in a competitive job market.

– Diverse learning opportunities: Our online programs cater to a wide variety of students seeking to advance their education in an affordable, accessible, and flexible manner.

4. Success Stories: How Our CBE Model Empowers Students

The success of our students speaks to the effectiveness of our competency-based approach. Here are some ways our CBE model has impacted the lives of our students:

– Non-traditional students who needed flexible scheduling for work and family commitments found our CBE programs to be the ideal solution for their academic pursuits.

– Students with prior college experience were able to transfer their existing credits and quickly complete their degree, paving the way to personal and professional growth.

– Individuals seeking a career change found that our liberal arts degree programs, combined with the CBE model, provided them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their new careers.


Competency-based education at Newlane University offers an affordable, flexible, and innovative solution for busy adults seeking to further their education without sacrificing quality or adding undue financial burden. Our online liberal arts degree programs, combined with the CBE model, empower students to accelerate their degree completion and gain the skills and knowledge necessary for success in life and work.

Join us at Newlane University and experience the transformative power of our competency-based education system. Enroll in our Associate of Arts in General Studies or Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy programs today and start building a brighter future for yourself.