Initial Admissions & Enrollment Criteria

In order to be considered for admission to Newlane University as a registered student, prospective students must meet the following criteria: 

  • Student must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Student must verify that they have completed secondary school (high school) or equivalent. 
  • Student must be able to speak English at a secondary school level or higher.
  • Students must have access to a computer with a camera and microphone, and internet fast enough to handle live video conferences (30+ minutes).
  • Student must sign an enrollment agreement.
  • Student must upload government ID.
  • Student must pay a registration fee.

Once a student is admitted to Newlane, they must complete the initiation sequence (an orientation course) and introduction sequence (four regular courses) for their selected degree. Completing these sequences gives students an opportunity to experience the rigor of Newlane courses, and online learning through the Newlane platform. The courses in these sequences are different for the Associate and Bachelor’s degree. Moreover, students need not repeat a course for the Bachelor’s degree if they have previously completed it during the Associate degree. To learn more about the Newlane degree programs, including the initiation and introduction sequences, please visit the degree programs page.

See our Admissions Process here.

Newlane offers rolling enrollment. Once a student satisfies all the admissions and enrollment criteria, they can enroll in a program at any time, and complete their coursework at their own pace and schedule, provided it meets the minimum satisfactory academic progress schedule.